Robin has worked in hotels for 30 years and now welcomes guests to our stunning building in Liverpool.


Robin Sutton is not just the concierge at DoubleTree Hilton Liverpool, he also acts as a meet-and-greet, tour guide and city historian; – a genuine Jack of all trades and master of most when it comes to the hotel business.

With his immaculate dark suit and distinctive top hat it’s hard to miss Robin as he stands outside the magnificent entrance to the Corinthian Grand or even when he’s carrying out his general duties around the historic building that sits on the corner of Dale Street and Sir Thomas Street in the heart of the city.



“We have people here from absolutely everywhere,” he explains. “They come from all over Europe, China, Japan, America, even South America, it’s great that so many people are coming to visit Liverpool.”

Robin started at the DoubleTree Hilton Liverpool in the first week that it opened and since then has been welcoming guests from all over the world; but it’s not just the historic Grade II listed building that people flock from far-and-wide to see.

“People obviously want to see where the Beatles came from and being just round the corner from Mathew Street this is the perfect place to stay. There’’s obviously the football teams too with fans making the hotel their home for a weekend when they are in town for the match,”  he says.

Originally from Birkenhead his work in the hospitality industry has taken him to hotels all over the country in the past 30 years, though he feels there is nowhere quite like Liverpool.



“I worked at The Charing Cross Hotel on The Strand in the 1980s as well as hotels here in Liverpool. I used to work in the Atlantic Tower and we’d have George Harrison staying with us whenever he was back in town. It’s a different world working for hotels in London,” he explains.

It’s a great place to be but it’s such hard work, you can only do it for so long.” Despite having worked in some of the top hotels in Britain Robin is still overwhelmed by the beauty of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Spa, Liverpool.

“It’s just steeped in so much history,” he says of the building which dates back to the 1800s and was originally built as Conservative club. “My favourite place has to be the Library Lounge, you can just imagine the history of the place going back to 1883, all the Lords and Ladies sitting in there and doing business with brandy and cigars.”

But despite being the welcoming face for hotel guests for almost three decades Robin still finds the job rewarding, particularly when it comes to the many events that are held at the city centre hotel.

“We host all kinds of events here, from conferences to VIP experiences for football supporters before big games; but the best part for me has to be the weddings,” he says. “Everyone’s in such a good mood. I stand on the door greeting all the guests and it’s always good to see so many smiling faces.”



However, there’s another iconic event that Robin looks forward to each year – the Grand National. “We have a lot of jockeys and trainers staying here that week and it’s a really nice atmosphere, not to mention all the people who are in the city for the race.”

Despite being from  “over-the-water” Robin is now a naturalised Liverpudlian and he uses his vast knowledge of the city to assist guests when it comes to visiting some of the most popular tourist hot-spots.

“I’m always happy to inform guests about things they might want to see while they are here, whether it’s the  great museums, galleries or some of the many historic buildings that there are so many of in Liverpool.”

You can catch Robin most days, either on the front desk or throughout the hotel, so don’’t be afraid to say hello during your stay with us and chat to him about the magnificent building and the many great attractions that are on the doorstep of the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel & Spa Liverpool.

Words: Matthew Crist | Photography: Joshua Wilkins